On April 15,1995, RealAudio was launched, unleashing the streaming revolution. Many content partners, including ABC News and National Public Radio participated, and RealAudio soon became a global phenomenon.

Over the past 25-years of streaming there have been numerous breakthroughs and milestones. Here are some of the most exciting and important ones:

Streaming media faced many challenges. The internet wasn’t initially designed to transport and synchronize audio and video. Reliability and quality were throttled by dial-up modems and lossy networks. Broadband was an aspiration. Competition was fierce and standards took time. Digital rights weren’t easily protected. Mobile lagged. In a world where anyone could be a broadcaster, it was still challenging to find great content for this new medium. The early audience for streaming media was small, skeptical, impatient, and confidant.

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Major Milestones


RealNetworks gives voice to the world wide web with First live broadcast, an MLB game of the Mariners vs. the Yankees, and the streaming industry is born.


ESPN SportsZone uses RealAudio to stream a live radio broadcast of a Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees baseball game. It is the first time that a sports fan could listen to a live game broadcast from anywhere in the world, via a personal computer.

The COVID-19 lockdown changed the world, and marked a turning point where streaming became a fundamental lifeline for work, education, socializing, and entertainment. Actor John Krasinski spreads joy on YouTube during the Coronavirus pandemic with SGN - Some Good News.


COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way the world functioned, and proved the importance of streaming technology across multiple disciplines. Businesses and educators turned to Zoom & Microsoft Teams to conduct live video meetings, changing the way people do business and learn. Entertainment had to reinvent itself: All live talk (and even the big variety competition shows like American Idol) began streaming from home. Late Night entertainers did their shows from home with their families: Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah. Actor John Krasinski launched his own YouTube show: Some Good News. And families and best friends gathered regularly to virtually socialize during “Zoom Happy Hours”.

RealNetworks continues to innovate with technologies that are fundamentally changing the way that consumers interact with digital media.

StarSearch™ by Real®

StarSearch by Real is transforming the streaming and downloaded video landscape with AI technology that lets consumers instantly identify, browse and search famous people and the video scenes in which they appear providing an entirely new viewing experience.
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RealPlayer 20/20

RealPlayer 20/20 applies the power of AI to your media library. It instantly identifies the celebrities in the videos you’re watching, and automatically organizes your library by people so you can search, browse and easily find clips and scenes with the people you want. It also comes with a redesigned user interface, and a much faster and smarter one-click downloader that works with thousands of sites.
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Scener, the co-watching platform for streaming entertainment, which was incubated by RealNetworks, announced a partnership with HBO that provides co-watching features for HBO NOW and HBO GO viewers so that they can remotely watch, connect, and video chat with their friends in real-time while enjoying a movie together.
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